MotoVisor Shade

After instalation, peel MotoVisor from the brim of your helmet and reposition.  You are able to reposition MotoVisor to the right, left, or front. MotoVisor has horizontal and vertical creases that allow MotoVisor to mate effectively to the underside of the brim of your helmet. You are able to modify (bend) and move the MotVisor to shade your eyes as needed. MotoVisor works similar to the sun visor in a car. As long as the Velcro® is mated properly, your MotoVisor can be extended anywhere on the outward edge of the brim of your helmet. When extra sun protection is not needed MotoVisor will tuck under the brim of you helmet out of site. Please see the YouTube Video for the full demonstration.

DISCLAIMER: MotoVisor is intended to be used safely. Always come to a complete stop while riding before repositioning MotoVisor. 



roost / mud protection

Other uses; the MotoVisor can also be used in mud and rain conditions to help protect your face and goggles from getting roosted and mudded up in a race, or if your just doing some fun riding.