1) The brim can be taken off (best) or left on WATCH MotoVisor installation video 

2) Clean (soap/degreaser) and Dry the underside of the brim of your Helmet, and use the alcohol swab provided to wipe the area last, and let dry for 15 seconds. 

2) Included in the kit are three pre-cut Velcro® hook pieces. Dry fit all pieces first with the adhesive backer side down , the rectangle shaped piece will be in the middle position. The outside pieces should be placed approx. 1/16" from brim edge. Trim with a scissor if necessary.

3) Take one of the outside Velcro® hook pieces and peel a quarter to half of the adhesive backer down the length of the piece and fold it back (Do NOT remove all the backer). Place it in the desired position, once placed pull the rest of the backer off the Velcro® hook piece and press firmly in place.

4) Repeat instruction 3 to install the opposite side.​​

5) Dry fit the middle rectangle Velcro® hook piece and trim if necessary to fit snugly between the two outside Velcro® hook pieces and repeat instruction 3.

6) Reattach the brim to your helmet.

7) Attach "MotoVisor" to the brim of your helmet. MotoVisor is installed!

Place and peel backer

Same process opposite side

Clean the underside of brim

Reattach brim to helmet

Dry fit middle piece (trim)

Attach MotoVisor under the brim

Peel down adhesive backer


Dry fit (trim)

"W" pattern